Healthy Living 9-5

Healthy Living 9-5

Do you find yourself running from one appointment to another and feel you have no time for yourself? It`s not always easy to balance work, family, a social life, travel- especially when everything seems to be running faster and faster.

It`s time to do something good for yourself!

Recently I have met a number of people who have inspired me to make a change. Small changes that will make a big impact.
I want to fit into my favourite jeans again! I want to feel revitalised this spring!

A few years ago I met Mirkka Schaller, a nutritionist in Zürich. Mirkka has studied and worked in Finland, the Netherlands and New York. I love her energy and enthusiasm. So I asked her if she could share some recipes and tips with me and you.
Mirkka Schaller

“With a little planning you can make an enormous effect on your body, making you feel energised, helping you to concentrate better and even lose weight. Energy is everything- if you are fully energised you will be able to achieve much more in your career and enjoy life outside of the office.“

We started our `cooking session` with a green smoothie. A few months ago I met Mirkka and asked her how she managed to have such great skin and so much energy. One of her top tips was to start the day with a green smoothie, she gave me this link where you can find allot of ideas and recipes

Breakfast- Start your day with a green smoothie or Chia seed porridge

Smoothie Ingredients


Mirkka`s nutrition tip: Fill your smoothie with greens to get the most benefits to your body, try having 1/3 or fruits or less, so that it doesn’t kick your blood sugar too high which causes you to go on a rollercoaster ride with energy and hunger.

Chia seed porridge

4 tsp. Chia seeds
2dl almond milk
1dl blueberries
1 tsp. Agave Syrup
A pinch of spices such as cinnamon or vanilla

Put in a closed jar and let it sit over night, before eating add a fresh berry topping.

Mirkka`s nutrition tip: Chia seeds are the new super food. They contain fibre, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, which we don’t seem to get enough of. The gelling effect of chia seeds will keep you full for longer. Look for non-sweetened nutmilk.

Lunch, Quinoa salad to go

Four o`clock snack, carrots and hummus or apples and nuts

Carrots with hummus

Fill a third of the container with hummus and the rest with freshly washed and diced carrots. Add some lemon juice for fresh flavour- quick, easy and very tasty!

Mirkka`s nutrition tip: Hummus, which is made out of chickpeas, tahini and olive oil contains several essential fatty acids you need to keep your body healthy. Chickpeas also contain fibre and protein; which will fill you up.

Apple and nuts

Something simple and easy to have with you where ever you go.

Mirkka`s nutrition tip: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away“ has truth to it; apples contain plenty of antioxidants and fibre, both supporting your immune system. Walnuts have plenty of phytonutrients and vitamins that keep you healthy and your skin radiant!

Thank you Mirkka for your time and tips! Photos Nadine Kägi