A year ago Tobias was rushing around Europe from one appointment to another suited, booted and ready for business. He decided it was time for a change and is now studying to become a social worker.

I wanted Tobi`s style to reflect his personal style- relaxed, open, fresh and sporty. The aim- to introduce him to something new but not over style`him for Spring and take him away from the dark clothes dominating his wardrobe.

When I saw the leather jacket from D`Amico Bologna I knew that it would be a key investment, a special colour- in keeping with Tobi`s natural features, the perfect length and cut, simply a cool- James Dean addition to his wardrobe.

After a 20 minute shopping trip we were finished- our task complete. Over coffee Tobias said he really enjoyed the experience and would be happy to go shopping again- with the first pay cheque after his studies. His favourite piece, the leather jacket, of course!

Leather Jacket- D`Amico Bologna- available at Jelmoli 998.00 Swiss Franks
T-shirt- Majestic Filatures- available at Jelmoli 119.00 Swiss Franks

Jeans- Care Label- available at Jelmoli 229.00 Swiss Franks
Key Chain- D`Amico- available at Jelmoli 198.00 Swiss Franks
Belt- Orciani- available at Jelmoli 139.00 Swiss Franks
Trainers- Benci Brothers 298.00 Swiss Franks

A big thank you to our model Tobias, Jelmoli and Benci Brothers for the great clothes and accessories, Erica for hair and beard trimming and Andrea for the wonderful photos!

Hair and Make-up: Erica Gabriel-Büsser
076 380 84 83

Photos: Andrea Monica Hug