Surrounded by music, artists and numerous cultural delights, Martina`s position at Zürich`s Opera house is not your regular office job. She is continuously on the go- working with all the various departments and performers. When not in the office she is busy being a Mum. Martina attends a lot of functions, whether through work or with her husband.

Martina radiates such a wonderful sunny, positive energy. I wanted her outfit to be a reflection of her- colourful, with an elegant, feminine note. As a personal shopper, it is my job to know which labels work well with my clients style, their figure and budget- saving my clients time and introducing them to something new. I knew that Tara Jarmon was the perfect address in town. Their boutique can be found on the Rennweg in Zürich, there are also -shop in shop- concepts in Jelmoli or Globus.

The wonderful emerald green suede coat is the perfect colour and length for Martina. A piece that will be in her wardrobe for years to come and will brighten up every day. Metalics have been a strong on-going theme this season and last. Teamed with these metallic champagne heels and belt- not only mirrors Martina`s natural colours, it adds a little modern `glanz` to her outfit without being `too much.

And what did Martina think?
“The green suede coat is naturally THE highlight, I love strong colours. I was unsure about the combination with yellow as I never wear yellow, however, I like it alot. The look is fresh and ideal for a work wardrobe- it doesn`t always need to be dark blue, grey, black and white!”

Coat- Tara Jarmon 1480.00 Swiss Francs
Top- Tara Jarmon 140.00 Swiss Francs
Trousers- Tara Jarmon 250.00 Swiss Francs
Belt- Mango 22.95 Swiss Francs
Earings- Models own
Shoes- Zara 69.90 Swiss Francs
Bag- Michael Kors at Jelmoli 330.00 Swiss Francs

A big thank you to the Tara Jarmon team, Rennweg for their help and support. Thank you also to Jelmoli for the accessories!

Thank you Martina, it was a joy to find a new outfit for you. Erica “merci viel mals” for the lovely hair and make- up! Last but certainly not least- Andrea Monica Hug- Thank you!

Hair and Make-up: Erica Gabriel-Büsser
076 380 84 83

Photos: Andrea Monica Hug